A Multi-Generational Operation

Located in Fort Shaw, Montana, Hitchcock Quarter Horses is family owned and run by Mike, Tanya, Allyson and Chad Hitchcock.

Hitchcock Quarter Horses is the horse side of a multi-generational operation with Skogen GK Angus and Skogen Livestock.

Our horses have to meet the demands of the rugged Montana terrain, have cow sense, and the stamina to go all day long.

We raise versatile, working horses that are also family friendly.

We have the strict rule that if anyone of us can't ride it, we don't keep it.

Our studs and nearly all of our mares have been used on the ranch, so we know what they are. Our broodmares have to meet the standard that if we aren't dying to keep a replacement filly out of the mare, then they don't stay in our breeding program.

The qualities we demand of our horses including trainability, athleticism, size, and structural soundness.

Hitchock Family


  • This is a quick testimony of my wonderful experience purchasing a Hitchcock quarter horse. Mike, Tanya, and the kids were so helpful to me in choosing my filly. They had my filly picked out for me and said she would be the perfect horse for me to start out with. They couldn’t have been more right. Slurpee is my one year old who is calm, smart, and very sweet. When I go out and see her, she always comes up to the fence to say hello. Whenever I run into Mike and Tanya, they ask me how Slurpee is doing and are always willing to help me. I am so blessed and thankful to have a wonderful horse from a trustworthy, kind, helpful and caring people.  You would not regret purchasing a Hitchcock Quarter Horse.

    • Reese McGurran
  • The Hitchcock family lives the working ranch horse lifestyle throughout their entire program. They use their bloodlines everyday on their ranch operation and continue to produce and breed for desired traits. These are top quality horses for the full time cowboy or anybody that loves good quality horses. This is the reason my operation repeatedly invests in Hitchcock Quarter Horses.

    • Mark Coverdell
  • I’ve started several colts for the Hitchcocks. They have all been easy to start, good minded, and I’ve purchased a few of them for myself and made pickup horses with them. For a good, all-around horse, check out the Hitchcock’s breeding program.

    • Gary Rempel
    • 9x NFR Pickup man, 21x Canadian Finals Rodeo pickup man
  • I work at a feedlot in the fall and winter and a mountain grazing allotment in the spring and summer. Both can be a very demanding environment for a horse and I start new colts each season. I need a horse with bone, a good mind and cow-sense and to be able to rope right away. Hitchcock Quarter Horses are exactly that with trainability, a friendly personable attitude and good looks you can be proud of.

    • Dave Back
    • Cowboy and Pro Colt Starter
  • I contacted Tanya and Mike about a a Coy's Bonanza bred horse for my son for Christmas. They were great to work with. We had to ship her to Indiana and I was nervous about it. They jumped right in to help and ease my nerves. They met the hauler, asked him questions, and even sent me pics to show how she loaded and what her ride looked like. I couldn't be more happy with our mare and the filly she had. Not only are the bloodlines of their stock solid, the structure and temperament of these horses are wonderful. We feel like we not only gained a couple great horses but also good friends.

    • Kassie Britton Gunn
  • The Hitchcock Quarter Horse program is one of the finest in the country.  They raise and sell proven ranch horses, with a majority of the broodmares and the studs being ridden on the ranch before entering the breeding program.  Hitchcock’s breed horses with cow sense, solid feet and legs, and trainable dispositions.  They strive to breed a ranch horse that will work for the toughest cowboy or the wife and kids.  The best part of purchasing a horse from the Hitchcock family is their honesty when evaluating and selecting a horse for their customers.

    • Jamie Wood

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