Sagrado Milagro

Reg Number: 6172553

2022 Palomino AQHA Stallion
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To say we are excited about our up-coming stallion prospect is an understatement.....we'd been worried that our older stallion, COLONEL C HEADER aka Header, was a unicorn and we'd never find anything to someday replace him.  We held our breath, and contacted L.A. Waters Quarter Horses, the ranch that owned and stood COLONEL FRECKLES and raised COLONEL C HEADER.  They are still breeding and raising some of the best horses around (in our opinion), with pedigrees chocked full of COLONEL FRECKLES, DOC O'LENA, BOON BAR, HOLLYWOOD DUN IT, and REMINIC!

Panel Results: GBED: N/N, HERDA: N/N, HYPP: N/N, MH: N/N, PSSM1: N/N, MYHM: N/My

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Colonel C Milagro
Colonel Clout
Colonel Freckles
Miss Pistol Lena
Two Dees Fantasy
Doc O'Lena
Two D's Dynamite



Reminic N Dunit
Hollywood Dun It
Reminic Chex Bar
Colonel C Hermosa
Colonel Clout
Debolt Ten

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